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Free download of my first book: Detective Marketing

Published by on augusti 28, 2006

In my first book I focus on how to increase creativity in business. It open-end up a world of contacts for me, now I like it to rich you to.

Did get this from India this weekend:

”We need folks like Stefan Engeseth to confront us with radical ideas
that help foster out of the box thinking.”

Y.A. Pitalwalla, India Correspondent for Asia money magazine

Download the Detective Marketing as a trial book here.

More information about this book: Praise and bookshops.

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Roots has no color

Published by on augusti 27, 2006

Did meet today with Chief Oren Lyon, he is also a Professor and a legend. His by far ONE of the most wisdom person in out time. Oren has an open mind and chares his knowledge like few people does. Many see him as a spiritual leader that spread goodness into the world.
When he explains how different races (black, Latinos, native Americans, white etc) get together like a global tribe when they have a common interest.

Roots has no color

When people connect around things that are dipper than their eyes can see – then their rots can grow together. Same think for corporate culture, it needs to dig deeper than the colors of the brand, to connect people.
How deep do you think the roots of consumer power goes?

Read more about Chief Oren Lyon also his speech to the United Nations.

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Can the Sex industry fight for the forest?

Published by on augusti 25, 2006

They are wild and some think creasy, and they are making love onstage at rock concerts. And they are from Norway and call them self’s for fuck for forest.” By using live sex they want to save the rainforest.

I would like to see a knockdown when good wins over the bad parts of business

If others would do the same in it could be named “fight for forest” and perform at K1, UFC and other “fight concerts.” When is “war for forest” coming? The war industry is full of people how want to change what they are doing, but not now how. Have been talking with some of them from Germany and USA about doing other products (ore as a director did say: Its not so fun to discus missiles armed with nuclear warheads with your kids). They will listen to profit with mental health if they now how to change. Ore lets say: Fight the power with power.

A lot of people hate “fuck for forest” for using sex to save the nature. I wont go in to that discussion. Here is how they explain what they are doing on their site:

“Each year, huge areas of rainforest are systematically cut down. Invaluable animal and plant life is being decimated to make way for commercial interests. For too many humans, development has become more important than the balance of nature. Is humanitys cynical behave more powerful than idealism..?” (adult site)

The sex industry is doing BIG MONEY. With the concept of “fuck for forest” they could also do BIG MENTAL PROFIT. The people behind the sex industry could work with them. They could sell special products (DVD’s, shows and maybe an soap on television etc) that would give back money for saving the forest. Also it would give consumers a “good” choice even in this kind of business. Of course people would say that this is a way to make dirty business clean. YES, you could say so but is really Playboy that dirty? Ore is it a brand that are making big money and could with one party give millions to the “fuck for forest” movement? What people think about the sex industry it’s as old as we can remember and will be here for a longer time than the rain forest (if we don’t do anything).

It is only when evil kisses good that a new world can be created. Evil contains power and know-how. If every bullet fired in the former Yugoslavia had been a seed, the region would have been a rainforest to stroll in, instead of a mass grave to cry over.

A kiss can change many things in life, even in a boardroom. What more “xx for good things” do you see? Is it to cynical to have “bad business” doing good thinks? Are charity organizations to good to see how “bad business” can change the world?

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Losers, don’t lose to win

Published by on augusti 24, 2006

One place where they now how to inspire new consumers is in Las Vegas. Rumor says that they let them win so they can’t resist the game of consuming “the game of losing.” Same thing is for other consumers but they never got the start of winning as does in Las Vegas.

It as sounds cynical but the devil listen to results even if they are good.

Companies like GM, Boeing will let consumers win more to interact, when they see the connection to profit and evolution of their business offer. I think they will let this winning model grow so far that it will be hard for others to see where the line is for employees and consumers. But how does really need that line, if it’s not a smile?
So what can you do to make consumers start wining? Can you play the players game as a consumer and win the consuming game?

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ONE in Portugal

Published by on augusti 22, 2006

Read a really good article with focus on innovation (Apple) and management by reporter Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues. Full story, translation.

“Swedish Stefan Engeseth, most recent of gurus of management that they had come of the cold, after the two ”bald spots” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, of the Stokholm School of Economics.”
Gurus Online & Magazine (translation)

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A Spanish kiss with an Effie Award?

Published by on augusti 21, 2006

This morning I drank a cop of coffee that tasted more than fantastic, it was the Spanish brand Marcilla with the coffee sort “Gran Aroma Mizcla.” The taste was so good that I did see an opportunity for a global advertising campaign for the coffee. The concept I see is for television but can be adapted to other media channels. Maybe it will get an Effie Award ONE day.

Here is the story that I did see:
A Spanish reporter asks the male consumer that is drinking the coffee: “How did the coffee taste?”
And the consumer answers: “It tasted like a kiss from a Spanish woman.”
She replay (a bit surprised): “Have you ever got a kiss from a Spanish woman?”
Still drinking the coffee he responds: “No!”
The reporter leans over and gives him his first Spanish kiss.
He responds happily: “Exactly, that is the taste!”

Then the pay off could be:

Get your Spanish kiss

Colombo is back for a kiss
This campaign idea will increase the now how for the coffee and its taste: It will also increase the numbers of Spanish kisses asked by a lot of new tourist coming over to find out how the real stuff really taste. It will be like having Colombo coming back for a kiss.

The example is off course the opposite for a girl tasting it and a male reporter ore for does how like the Pride parade. This will make the consumers to see themselves in the brand mirror globally. They can also produce the advertisement with a representative Japan man ore female in Japan and etc around the globe. Customize it for every target group there is down to the smallest details so the consumer will see them self in the commercial.
I don not work for Marciella ore Spain. Off course this is a hypothetical idea and I guess that they have many other kisses to work with. Should not al products and services be fantastic and give consumers this feeling of wanting to become ONE with the brand?
It can also been criticized for being focus on sex and being a silly soap commercial but if it done right it will be with the right level of charm and distance. It can also be global PR where reporters are doing the commercial for “live” and testing if it really REAL.
So how does your coffee taste? And is this concept to fare out to be an Effie Award? Will it sell the product? Will it increase tourism in Spain? Will it increase the sell of Spanish lipstick? How will cafés and restaurants serve the coffee? Is this too much for the payoff: Find it in your local store ore at then

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Hip-hop is like a superjam for management

Published by on augusti 20, 2006

This week where the Scandinavian Superjam hold in Stockholm. There where dancers from Scandinavia and USA and Russia breaking it down. It is interesting how the hip-hop has grow to a hole culture with an global tribe that are growing in different ages and places around the world. I use to do a breaking in the magic 1980 but this dancers are moving like management should move their business globally today.

If the best break dancers are comes from Russia, what does that say about spreading management?

Did ask some great break-dancers from Russia, how they can be so good? They did explain that some dance groups travels and bring it home and then off course we have the television.
I also think they have some Russian sport culture that helps them tap into the break dance with some acrobatic moves (Russian: Gymnastic and ice dancing and classical ballet etc). Also I think they have a need to expressing freedom and a belonging to the rest of the world. And it is also as one of the American break dancers put it: “It use to be only America, but now you al got the funk!”

In the culture of hip-hop anybody can be onstage minding “his business.”

Every year their have been arguing on communities and blogs about how is the best dancers and that it is the wrong ones on stage. So this year the audience got the opportunities to get up on stage and jam. I think some of the dancers from the audience were the best. When are we going to see a Fortune 500 company doing the same thing?
Are the young kids of today more a global culture tribe than a national one? Is the world changing if Russian break-dancers perform better than the American? Are city people building a tribe with the hip-hop culture?

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From Rent-A-Wreck to Date-A-Wreck

Published by on augusti 19, 2006

With al beauty focusing in our society it a need for a change. There is a market for used things even for used relations. It is no bad to be a brand also a market for ugly things (beauty is coming from the inside). Too little fun and buzz on the date sites, with generic concepts. They al say that they deliver but maybe not what I am looking for?
I did a big mistake for many years a go, at one of my first lectures. For a big audience I wanted to show them evidence of that “the bad taste is big business” does exist. So I asked them do you now how many records Barry Manilow sells a year? No they answers they I fill in I don’t know but it is millions and he makes billions. But at one lecture two persons in the audience replayed, “we have his records and we don’t think it is bad taste!” The point is good anyway but I don’t use it anymore (but I wont by his record).

When will we se up and rolling?

I personally love the Rent-A-Wreck concept. First when I did here about it was in the states when I started to complain about that al the cars I could see and rent was to new and didn’t have the right old American feeling. But someone else did find the solution before me – Rent-A-Wreck. I wonder when we will see the same service in dating? It could be named as counterbalance to al the beauty focus the society are throwing on us. And I don’t think beauty is what al people are looking for. This dating service could be places where soul mates meet that are not looking for a beautiful shell.
How is this solution a bad idea? Ore is it a case full of demand from consumers? Why is the dating business, big business? What do you think “the bad taste is big business” does exist? Witch is the worlds biggest bad taste brands?

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Test if your company is prepared for the coming consumer revolution

Published by on augusti 15, 2006

Companies span the entire range from ONE to customer-oriented to companies that can’t even be bothered to answer the phone (insurance companies and banks, consider yourselves warned). Where does your company place? How ONE is it? Here is a ten-step test you can use to see how well prepared your company is for the coming consumer revolution.

Ten-step test for ONE
1. If you close your eyes, can you see yourself as a customer of your own company? Do you see yourself in the brand mirror? If not, pretend you’re a customer and inform your boss.
2. Call in and ask to speak to yourself. Be happy, angry, or wrong and see how you are treated.
3. If your company sells retail, put on an exhibition of customer-designed products. If the products sell, congratulate the head of purchasing for his or her good work. Write a press release.
4. Survey your company’s partners and suppliers. Do you have common interests, common customers? And, what can you do with that synergy?
5. Trial and error made Dell a Fortune 500 company. How often do you dare to fail?
6. Who at your company hears the customer’s voice first? How many customers have you hired?
7. It should never take more than 20 seconds to find the information you need on the company website. Does your company make the grade? Can customers communicate with each other on the site? Is your website interactive or is it more of a store window?
8. Benchmark other industries and learn from their mistakes and successes.
9. Would you want to be a customer at your own company? If not, perhaps you should start your own company.
10. How much time does your CEO spend with customers? IKEA’s CEO, Ingvar Kamprad, spends a large part of his time with the customers. Dell’s CEO, Michael Dell, spends at least 40 percent of his time with his customers.
11. Add at least three to five more tests to this list. Please drop me an email here and tell me how it goes.

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An idea for a bestseller book

Published by on augusti 14, 2006

I wish I got the time to write al my book ideas but I don’t. Most of creative work is what I call “the art to see” and here is something for you to see. A hot bestseller right now is The Game by Neil Strauss a dating book for men in which the secrets in how to success getting dates with woman are developed into sort of a game. Al the woman I have been talking with about the book say that they “hate it” – but still they cant deny that it works (at least for getting dates, not relations). Here is the book idea for an bestseller to the opposite target group:

The Game Over
For woman how don’t want to be manipulated by The Game

Write a book on how the manipulation in the dating “game” works. And how to see how is real and how is in it for the game and not the relation. Think a woman would be best to write this book, she could do interview with woman and man about how the game really works. A man could also write it with some journalist skills.
A book that has a demand is good, but it will not be a bestseller if it is not been read of the right target group etc. Seth Godin is sharing really good tips and tricks for you how to get your coming bestseller out on the market, read more.
Good luck with both the book and the dating research. Send me a copy when its out, I am source you will write it much better than I ever would done.

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