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Welcome to the ONE book release 31/5 in Sweden

Published by on maj 27, 2006

After a flying introduction to the ONE book, are we now landing in Kungsträdgården.
Read more by clicking on the airplane at So Stockholm “Where different worlds become ONE.” there is over 100 VIP coming but you are the ONE that I am missing to do this book release the best ever… Hope I see you in Stockholm next week… Already there is bloggers from Italy that maybe are coming…. So where are you?

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Competition: Find a CEO with a company tattoo and win ONE for your self!

Published by on maj 18, 2006

I have been holding lectures around the world and always asked: When did you last meet a CEO with a company tattoo? Never have I seen a tattoo on a CEO ore got good answers. If the fans of a brand can wear a logo tattoo, shouldn’t business be tuned into this PASSION? So therefore I would like to have your help to find a real CEO that have their brand tattoo.
The best CEO tattoo will be the winner of my latest book ONE and maybe if it is really good I can pay for your ONE tattoo to…
And if Steve Jobs would like a tattoo an Apple, I will pay for it anytime (you have my contact info Steve…).

Post your motivation on this blog and if you like send me an email here (including your postal information).


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A Skype Night in Stockholm

Published by on maj 16, 2006

Yesterday evening I was at the Skype Night in Stockholm, it was an interesting evening for Skypes partners. Around the success of Skype is now a whole society of partners growing. Skype now that they can grow faster and deliver more value to 100.000.000 consumers, if they work as ONE with their partners. I really like the new versions of how to connect Skype to your mobile (you will see al lot of it in media).

The transparent market is creating a new paradigm of open innovation
that is powered by millions of consumers.

A company that also work as ONE with their partners is P&G. They now that they must always bring something to the consumer party. At the company collects input from every part of the market, acting as a meeting place for suppliers, researchers, experts and laymen. With more than 5 billion consumers worldwide, P&G is in a position to make a difference. By continuously improving existing products the company is creating a winning product relationship with consumers as consumers gradually become aware that they are part of that evolution. Keeping in mind that P&G’s products have washed, fed and wiped customers in more ways than anyone can imagine (no need to go into details here) it would be strange indeed if the company didn’t make use of customer feedback. Now with the decline in commercial TV audiences and the diminishing effectiveness of TV advertising, listening to the customer is more than just an innovative idea; it’s a matter of survival.
What possibilities do you see with ONE for your partners?

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Love and hate brands that can become hated ore loved

Published by on maj 13, 2006

Love and hate comes close, and never before in time could consumer change whom they love and hate with a little help from interet.

Love and hate is a close line

Here is my top 5 list of brands that consumers “love:”
1. Apple
2. Nokia
3. Sony
4. Toyota
5. Replay

But the above brands could easily become hated if they don’t let their consumer’s passion into their brands. Apple is in the biggest risk for passionate fans can easily and fast become anit-fans.

Brands that consumers “love to hate”, here is my top 5 list (they need to listen ore they will could disappear):
1. Microsoft
3. McDonald’s
4. Proton
5. Apple

Microsoft did not listen, now they have to pay big money to get where Google are (but wouldn’t it easier to listen?). Some how hate Apple still love the iPod.

Here is one example of a brand that have gone over the line from love to hate:

1. FedEx

The reason is simple; if you don’t listen the gap is getting bigger for every second. FedEx did go into the David and Goliath story in how to make a brand unpopular.

Here are some brands that have become loved because of that they listen and become ONE with there consumers:

1. Harley Davidson
2. eBuy
4. Amazon
5. Skype

The ONEes that listen and learn develop and grow, others have to pay the price and learn the hard way like Microsoft.

How do you love? Hate? And Love to hate?

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ONE lectured at 30,000 feet for FlyNordics passagers

Published by on maj 9, 2006

This morning did I hold a ONE lectured on FlyNordics Stockholm-to-Oslo flight at 30,000 feet. As you can see on the above picture, I was not the captain but did have fun holding the lecture. The 100 passengers where giving a free copy of ONE as a gift from FlyNoric and the author. My message to these business travelers was characteristically straightforward: Stop hunting your customers, start to involve them!

Thanks to Tomas Ahlsén, Director Sales, FlyNordic for giving me this creative opportunity to hold a lecture at the highest level in the world.

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If your company was a watch, what should it show?

Published by on maj 7, 2006

Did ask this question to heavy CEO´s at a workshop I hold recently. They got really provoke about the question. First they did say we don’t understand the question. Then after some time they started to guess and then I ask what their consumers should answer and they did not now anything about that. So I did take them out ONE the street and got them to ask consumers what time it is ONE their companies-watch. ONE of the answers I got back was that they al need to leave there boardroom more if they should now what time it is! Today they watch the time more often and are prepared for the question any time.
Why is it hard to ask this kind of questions? Is it because of questions with no answers are provoking there knowledge? How does this questions make you feel:
If your company was a watch, what should it show?
What is the time for your company-watch now?

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Read our new Press Release

Published by on maj 3, 2006

Who will be the first ones up against the wall when the consumer revolution comes? To read the rest of the ONE press release, click here.

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