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Apple’s marketing is great, but consumers won’t pay extra if the brand fake quality

Published by on september 28, 2005

Apple must realize that the consumer truly is the King when many consumers converge at the same place on the Internet. Instead of engaging in “brand wars”, Apple should involve their consumers in their daily business. Consumers buying the new iPod are complaining on the battery and on the quality of the iPod. What Apple needs to do is to involve their customers/fans in order to improve their product quality. Then they can avoid quality problems before the product is released. Quality is not only about creating good products but also about making good relationships.

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Published by on september 27, 2005

1. Hire people who have different talents than you.
2. Install a random control in the elevator so that everyone ends up on the wrong floor. Get a head start by pressing the wrong button today.
3. Exchange calendar with each other.
4. Bring your children to work.
5. Invite your customers to participate in projects at an early stage.
6. Invite someone from the street to attend your next meeting.
7. Mix people in meetings: for example sales people and marketing people.
8. Change the setting of the meeting. Why not hold your next meeting at a kindergarten?
9. Create imbalance. Stand on one leg during a meeting and seek imbalance. Seek imbalance in the marketplace.
10. Use simple language. A good idea thrives on simplicity.
11. Always go the extra mile and do a little more than what’s on the list.


In Spanish at Tips para ser más creativo.

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The Big Moo – Makes a difference

Published by on september 26, 2005

Some of the smartest business thinkers — Made a book to make a difference. It is the big thinker Seth Godin that started the project and al benefit of all author royalties going to charity.

Why don’t you do a big Moo and go to The Big Moo.

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Is transparency a protection for consumers?

Published by on september 24, 2005

A transparent market will never, in the long run, be able to accept corporations behaving like sharks. Before, neither consumer nor company has been able to seen the effect of consumer power. Modern research has shown that one of the most important factors in influencing a company is through informed purchasing decisions. Although the effect of the single wallet is negligible, the transparency of today’s market has helped consumers see each other and protect them self from shark attacks.
ONE shows how both corporations and their customers can swim together without attacking each other.

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One-way from Hurricane Rita

Published by on september 23, 2005

Sadly headline after headline are screaming the same thing.

100-mile traffic jam as one million flee

Houston packs up but can’t move out

• 3 million people in traffic jam

People suffer but why not then use both sides of the road to the same direction? So people can get out faster? Please make One-way one the highway from Hurricane Rita

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To see and be the big picture

Published by on september 23, 2005

Southern Sweden a secret paradise is now discovered in the new book “Cape Scania.” I was at the book release party yesterday in Malmö “the capital of Scania”. Most people don’t know where Scania is but it is there Absolut Vodka have produced in medieval village, Åhus. Absolut Vodka is a super brand build by making everybody a part of the big picture. Here is the site for the book with big and beautiful pictures.

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Put a barcode on yourself

Published by on september 22, 2005

You can put a barcode on yourself at Barcodeart.

Is the price right?

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Is Apple the only religion with a locked church?

Published by on september 22, 2005

It is sad that a company that is innovative when it comes to products should be so stagnated when it comes to dealing with inputs from its customers. What Apple don’t need to do is sue their fans, as they have done in the past. Passion can turn and burn.
Why can’t they use Apple fans like Isamu Sanada whom came up with better ideas than the company’s own R&D? After twenty years with Apple, Steve Jobs is saying ”The great thing is that Apple’s DNA hasn’t changed.” But it doesn’t take much to see that the consumer has changed a lot in these recent years. Perhaps it’s also time for Apple to change its DNA? Apple is, to their credit, still a top innovative company, yet, they are still about six months behind their own fans. Maybe it’s time for “ONE” for Apple? And let there fans in the Apple?
There are still things to change for Apple and work with questions like: why does today’s computer projector look like a shoebox? How could an APPLE PROJECTOR look like and work?
When costumers believe strongly in Apple then Apple need to let that positive energy influence their corporate DNA to make the Apple taste tastier. Otherwise both employees and costumers will not show that they are stupid enough to eat an Apple that doesn’t taste good anymore. Don’t misunderstand me, I have used Apple since Mac Plus was released. But the need for a new player that can tap in to the religion Apple seems to be more and more legible. This new player could be Apple if they update their corporate DNA.
What new brand do you think could open up for the Apple believers?
When do you think Apple will update there corporate DNA or break their brand?

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You don’t need to be Michael Moore too see Mickey Mouse in the Bush

Published by on september 21, 2005

One of Michael Moore’s latest projects is about the drug industry. Moore is examining the drug industry and the ethics of the drug industry. Today drug industries have a reputation to not save the life’s’ of their customers but also take their life. The man who showed us how to see Mickey Mouse in the Bush now hunts the moral and ethics of doing business in the drug industry.
The question I ask my self is how far the drug industry have gone in order to make profit and how consumers can use their consumer power to heal the problems of the drug industries, and become a positive source of health. There are many ways to interact with consumers, instead of using modern CB (cynical business) one can for example interact with consumers through modern IT. Therefore the company should involve the consumer in the process. I myself say to my doctor; I believe in you but it is my body so I need to be a part of the process.

Michael is great when it comes to critical thinking but he would be even greater if he in his own journalism pointed out more solutions than problems. Michael Moore could develop his journalism further by first defining the problem, suggest a solution and then implement the solution. This could be the journalism for tomorrow.

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Uglier male models are wanted

Published by on september 20, 2005

To sell or not to sell alcohol is the advertising industry’s moral question. A company producing liquid for women has been trying to address this issue of moral and show the world that they are taking their responsibility. Their solution or contribution to making people buying less of their alcohol is to make ads with the aim of not tempt women to buy their alcohol by not using to attractive male models in their ads and therefore also not tempting women to much in their ads. In fact their preferences for the models were: We would advise that the man in the picture should be unattractive – i.e. overweight, middle-aged, balding etc.
It would be great to see ads for men using less attractive woman…

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