10 questions to test the company’s creative ability

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1. Are you encouraged to be creative and come up with new ideas at work?
2. Do you and your colleagues take initiatives even if the outcome is uncertain?
3. Is it allowed to fail in your workplace?
4. Do you experience the atmosphere at your workplace as lively and eventful?
5. Do you feel that there is room for humor and laughter in your workplace?
6. Does your boss listening to you? Is there a dialogue rather than a monologue at your workplace?
7. Do you have time to think of new ideas?
8. Have you and your colleagues the opportunity to take part in how the company is managed and developed?
9. Do you use an encouraging language in the workplace?
10. Are you encouraged to collaborate with others?

Is your company creative?
The number of YES to the above test gives the answer:

farida book cover0-3 YES:
Probably you do not have room for your creativity.

Action: Download Farida’s dissertation immediate on and give the the dissertation to your management! Do the test again after 6 months and if it has not become better – change job!
Example of companies: examples are companies that have worked long on a static market without threatening competition. This could lead to an inability to adapt to change due to lack of creativity.

4-6 YES:
Not a super-creative company, but has the right conditions to become so!

Action: Work on the points that you have answered NO on and enhance the areas where you answered YES.
Example of companies: firms who have the ability to be more creative than they are at this point. This probably due to underestimating the staff’s ability to be creative. The reason is often that the company has left the creative stage of establishing the company and instead has grown into a more stabile stage where energy is spent on administration. There is a lack of a strategy to capture the creativity in the organization which in turn makes the firm vulnerable to rapid changes.

7-10 YES:
You are probably in an organization that can perform and deliver super-creative results.

Action: Spread the rumor, and recruit more super creative talents who do not have space to be creative in firms that received only 0-6 YES. Focus on your creativity to achieve even better results, and reward staff to be even more creative and it will result in both prosperous results and a healthy and more happy staff.
Example of companies: The staff is given time to be creative and the company attracts more creative people such as Google. These companies can quickly adapt to changes and create innovative and unexpected solutions such as Apple’s iPhone. Is this true for your company?

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